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Included in this volume:

  • Hindenburg V. Schurz: How Wisconsin’s German Americans Helped Defeat Nazism by Kyle Watter
  • Baby or the Bottle: Effects of Social Movements on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome in the United States by Hannah Teller
  • Theology as an Instrument for Change: Religious Revival and Abolitionist Sentiment in 18th-Century Connecticut by Alexandra Aaron
  • Since You Went Away: The Gendered Experience in World War II Letters by Emma Sayner
  • Alcohol and Socialization in Slave Societies of the New World by Luke Voegeli
  • How Stereotypes Shaped an Epidemic: The Co-Occurrence of HIV and Mental Illness by Marissa Korte
  • Feeding on Empires: Piracy in the South China Sea at the Turn of the 19th Century by Lezhi Wang
  • Baseball Behind a Mask: Jews, African Americans, and Identity On and Off the Baseball Field by Ben Pickman
  • New York’s Municipal Health Crisis: The Creation of the Health and Hospitals Corporation by Hanan Lane