Meet the Editors

Editor-in-Chief Hilary Miller Hilarymiller archive photo

Hilary Miller is a junior majoring in political science and history and is earning a certificate in Jewish Studies. Her academic interests relate to Eastern European, Jewish and Israeli history as well as international law and human rights. She is the past president of the Student Alliance for Israel-Madison and is an editor for Sifting & Winnowing, UW’s undergraduate journal of political science, public policy, and law, and editor-in-chief and founder of Avukah, UW’s undergraduate journal of Jewish studies. Last summer she interned for the Consulate of Israel to the Midwest in Chicago and this summer will be a Goldman Fellow at the American Jewish Committee’s Chicago office. She hopes to pursue a career in global Jewish advocacy.

John Douglasjon archive ed pic

John is in his fourth of five years, majoring in accounting and history. In addition to serving on the ARCHIVE Editorial Board, he currently works as a Federal Grant intern for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Research & Sponsored Programs Department and as a part-time Constituent Relations worker in Senator Lena Taylor’s office. His historical research interests include studying the social and cultural history of the Middle East and Russia, spanning from the medieval period to the modern era. Next year he will be writing his thesis on the social and cultural impacts of Jadidism within the Russian Empire during the early 20th century.



Delaney Foster Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset

Delaney is a graduating senior majoring in political science and history. She has spent the majority of her undergraduate career focusing on International Relations and the history of Human Rights. In addition to her academic research, she has interned with KIND Healthy Snacks, as well as taught classes at Pure Barre, a fitness boutique in Madison. After graduation, blending her passion for sales and people, Delaney is pursuing a career with Insight Global, an employment solutions agency.


Alana HirschAlana Hirsch

Alana Hirsch is currently a sophomore at UW-Madison, studying political science and legal studies. This is her first year on the ARCHIVE editorial board. Along with ARCHIVE, she works at the Hillel Jewish Student Center, as an assistant in the UW Law Schoo, and is a member of Chi Omega, where she serves as the Mental Health and Wellness chair. After graduation, she hopes to attend law school, specializing in either environmental or animal advocacy law.



Mike Kowalskimike archive bio pic

Mike is a sophomore from South Milwaukee, WI double majoring in economics and history. Outside of the classroom, he enjoys being involved in his community and the university by: being a team leader in Badger Volunteers, serving as Political Director for the College Republicans of UW-Madison, being a member of the Big 10 Voting Challenge Advisory Committee, working on Governor Scott Walker’s 2018 Gubernatorial Campaign, and contributing to the Daily Cardinal. After college, he plans to attend law school.


Rachel Pope

rachel bio pic

Rachel is a senior majoring in history and communication Arts, with certificates in German and European Studies. This is her second year serving on the ARCHIVE editorial board. in addition to archive, she is an editor of Souvenirs the travel journal, and works in the Office of the Chancellor. After graduation, she hopes to get a job in television or film production or in publishing.




Hannah Teller is a senior student, majoring in history and legal studies. Her academic interests are focused in the legal history of the United States in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, with a particular interest in the impact of legal institutions on marginalized communities. During her time at UW-Madison, she has held leadership positions in the Chi Omega Fraternity and Gift of Life Bone Marrow Foundation organization on campus. In addition to ARCHIVE, Hannah is a George Mosse Peer Advisor for the History Department. Next fall, she will be pursuing a law degree at Seton Hall University School of Law in Newark, NJ.

Lezhi Wang Lezhi

Lezhi is a senior history student at UW Madison. His academic interests lie in the history of Southeast Asia, with foci on migration and maritime contacts. Other than his major, he is also learning Dutch, German, and Indonesian at UW. In the fall of 2018, Lezhi will begin to attend the Masters in Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Washington, Seattle.

Lezhi had the honor to publish in ARCHIVE’s 2017 issue, and had since wished to contribute back to this lovely community. Besides ARCHIVE, he is an officer of the history undergraduate honor society and serves as student representative in the department’s undergraduate council.


Samantha ZinnenSamantha Zinnen Headshot

 Samantha is a junior majoring in History at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. She loves studying political theory, the history of Ancient Rome, and the history of war and conflict, but concentrates on U.S. military history and policy. Samantha’s thesis will focus on current Missing-in-Action cases of U.S. service members from the Second World War. In addition to her role as one of Archive’s editors, Samantha is the vice-president of the Phi Alpha Theta Lambda Xi chapter of the National History Honor Society. She is a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the American Legion Auxiliary, and volunteers for the UW MIA Recovery and Identification Team, and as a docent for the Wisconsin Veterans Museum. After college, Samantha plans on attending law school.


Past Archive Editors 


Volume 20- May 2017 Editorial Board

Maren Harris– Editor-in-Chief

David Clerkin– Editorial Board

Isaac Mehlhaff– Editorial Board

Hilary Miller– Editorial Board

Rachel Pope– Editorial Board

Lucas Sczygelski– Editorial Board

Madeline Sweitzer– Editorial Board

Connor Touhey– Editorial Board

Emma Wathen– Editorial Board

Volume 19- May 2016 Editorial Board

Deanna Endres — Editor-in-Chief

Megan Gundelfinger — Editorial Board

Maren Harris — Editorial Board

Lydia Kaminsky — Editorial Board

Audrey Piehl — Editorial Board

Tyler Schoenke — Editorial Board

Claire Steffen — Editorial Board

Madeline Swietzer –Editorial Board

Alissa Valeri — Editorial Board

Professor Nan Enstad — Faculty Advisor

Volume 18- May 2015 Editorial Board

Megan Ness — Editor-in-Chief

Alex Aaron — Editorial Board

Serra Akansel — Editorial Board

Deanna Endres — Editorial Board

Maren Harris — Editorial Board

Brita Larson — Editorial Board

Emily Nelson — Editorial Board

John Wendt — Editorial Board

Professor Viren Murthy — Faculty Advisor

Volume 17- May 2014 Editorial Board

Laura Luo — Editor-in-Chief

Gretchen Miron — Editorial Board

Oliver Roe — Editorial Board

Kristen Romes — Editorial Board

Marc Sieber — Editorial Board

Alex Walsdorf — Editorial Board

Eric Ely — Editorial Board

Charles Hartley — Editorial Board

Lindsay Melnyk — Editorial Board

Hannah Sandgren — Editorial Board

Professor John Sharpless — Faculty Advisor

Volume 16- May 2013 Editorial Board

Aneidys Reyes — Editor-in-Chief

Bryce Luttenegger — Editorial Board

Colin Rohm — Editorial Board

Elizabeth Lampp — Editorial Board

Joe Fitzgibbon — Editorial Board

Laura Luo — Editorial Board

Marc Sieber — Editorial Board

Megan Ness — Editorial Board

Samuel Vergara — Editorial Board

Professor William J. Reese — Faculty Advisor

Volume 15- May 2012 Editorial Board

Kristen Schumacher — Editor-in-Chief

Sam Jonas — Editorial Board

James Doing — Editorial Board

Crescentia Stegner-Freitag — Editorial Board

Shane Polzin — Editorial Board

DeeDee Hirschtritt — Editorial Board

Aneidys Reyes — Editorial Board

Professor John Hall — Faculty Advisor

Volume 14- May 2011 Editorial Board

Teague Harvey — Editor-in-Chief

Ashley Jensen — Layout Editor

James Doing — Editorial Board

Ashley Jensen — Editorial Board

Sam Jonas — Editorial Board

Aubrey Lauersdorf — Editorial Board

Kristen Schumacher — Editorial Board

Crescentia Stegner-Freitag — Editorial Board

Professor John Hall — Faculty Advisor

Volume 13- May 2010 Editorial Board

Teague Briana Harvey — Editor-in-Chief

James Doing — Editorial Board

Claire Elizabeth Huntley — Editorial Board

Ashley Jensen — Editorial Board

Samuel Frederick Jonas — Editorial Board

Andrew O’Connor — Editorial Board

Kristen Schumacher — Editorial Board

Professor Camille Guerin-Gonzales — Faculty Advisor

Volume 12- May 2009 Editorial Board

Katherine Victoria Tondrowski — Editor-in-Chief

Peter Storm McGarraugh — Editorial Board

Liv Augusta Anderson — Editorial Board

Benjamin Wheeler — Editorial Board

Glasheen MacWilliams — Editorial Board

Daniel Rebholz — Editorial Board

Nicholas Perry — Editorial Board

Matthew Costello — Editorial Board

Professor Camille Guerin-Gonzales — Faculty Advisor

Volume 11- May 2008 Editorial Board

Claire Allen — Executive Editor

Taylor Anvid — Editorial Board

Katherine Kaliszewski — Editorial Board

Alex Leites — Editorial Board

Lauren Roth — Editorial Board

Peter Storm McGarraugh — Editorial Board

Angela Manderfeld — Editorial Board

Eric Mansbach — Editorial Board

Katherine Tondrowski — Editorial Board

Jesse Ray Zarley — Editorial Board

Lisbeth Zeggane — Editorial Board

Professor Laird Boswell — Faculty Advisor

Volume 10- May 2007 Editorial Board:

Emily Young — Executive Director

Michael X. Albrecht — Editorial Board

Claire Allen — Editorial Board

Kerry Bryan — Editorial Board

Tommy Greenfield — Editorial Board

Katherine Kaliszewski — Editorial Board

Sarah M. Klentz — Editorial Board

Rengyee Lee — Editorial Board

Alex Leites — Editorial Board

Trevor C. Leverson — Editorial Board

Angela Manderfeld — Editorial Board

Peter Storm McGarraugh — Editorial Board

Whitney Polenske — Editorial Board

Liana Prescott — Editorial Board

Katherine V. Tondrowski — Editorial Board

Michelle Turcotte — Editorial Board

Steven M. Weber — Editorial Board

Jonathan Wu — Editorial Board

Professor Laird Boswell — Faculty Advisor

Volume 9- May 2006 Editorial Board

Daniel T. Deacon — Executive Director

Claire Allen — Editorial Board

Carolyn Averill — Editorial Board

Eli Persky — Editorial Board

Zachary T. Pethan — Editorial Board

Whitney Polenske — Editorial Board

Jason Ross Rozumalski — Editorial Board

Erin West — Editorial Board

Emily Young — Editorial Board

Professor Marc Kleijwegt — Faculty Advisor

Volume 8- May 2005 Editorial Board

Daniel T. Deacon — Executive Director

Katherine Arner — Editorial Board

Lou Dagostino — Editorial Board

Rebecca Ford — Editorial Board

John Hallmann — Editorial Board

Benjamin D. Herman — Editorial Board

Brian D. Kaufman — Editorial Board

Daniel J. Knudsen — Editorial Board

Michael Connor McKim — Editorial Board

Emily Paulson — Editorial Board

Eli Persky — Editorial Board

Zachary T. Pethan — Editorial Board

Jason Rozumalski — Editorial Board

Emily Young — Editorial Board

Professor Marc Kleijwegt — Faculty Advisor

Volume 7- May 2004 Editorial Board

Andrew Sheean — Executive Director

Tola Ewers — Design Director

Richard Anataramian — Editorial Board

Lisbeth Balligan — Editorial Board

Dan Bauman — Editorial Board

Adam Cooke — Editorial Board

Dan Deacon — Editorial Board

Brent Fisher — Editorial Board

Brian Kaufman — Editorial Board

Tim Murphy — Editorial Board

Jason Then — Editorial Board

Professor Diane Lindstrom — Faculty Advisor

Volume 6- May 2003 Editorial Board

Julia Nelson — Executive Director

Marit Chrislock — Editorial Board

Adam A. Cooke — Editorial Board

Daniel T. Deacon — Editorial Board

Rajnath P. Laud — Editorial Board

Jason Rozumalski — Editorial Board

Andrew J. Sheean — Editorial Board

Regina D’Amore Sabbia — Editorial Board

Professor Jeremi Suri — Faculty Advisor

Volume 5- May 2002 Editorial Board

Julia Nelson — Executive Director

Marit Chrislock — Content Editing, Production and Cover Design

Ryan Schumacher — Content Editing, Production and Cover Design

Allison Pollock — Layout

Jeremi Suri — Faculty Advisor

Volume 4- November 2002 Editorial Board

Julia Nelson — Executive Director

Professor Jeremi Suri — Faculty Advisor

Volume 3- May 2000 Editorial Board

Mark Maciolek — Executive Director

Erica Brumm — Editorial Board

Gregory Gross — Editorial Board

Kativa Sharma — Editorial Board

Jessica Tump — Editor Board

Gregory Gross — Production Manager

Megan Dohm — Cover Designer

Volume 2- May 1999 Editorial Board

Rebecca Boice — Editor-in-Chief

Erin Brothen — Editor-in-Chief

Matt Jamison — Editor-in-Chief

Rebecca Wasieleski — Editor-in-Chief

Pamela Elbe — Assistant Editor

Branden Hexom — Assistant Editor

Tiffany Klutz — Assistant Editor

Mark Maciolek — Assistant Editor

Mike McGuire — Assistant Editor

Eric Sherman — Assistant Editor

Rebecca Boice — Production

Rebecca Wasielski — Production

Mark Fleming — Executive Director

Eric Dunn — Cover Design

Volume 1- May 1998 Editorial Board

Shane Hamilton — Executive Director

Brian Stevens — Production Manager

Matt Goetsch — Design Manager

Mark Fleming — Editorial Board

Vicki Huss — Editorial Board

Sara Lynkiewicz — Editorial Board

William Nelson — Editorial Board

Professor William Chamberlain — Faculty Advisor