ARCHIVE is the undergraduate journal of history at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and we take pride in being student-organized and edited. Every Spring, we publish a selection of outstanding historical scholarship by our fellow undergraduates. We welcome many perspectives and views. We look to publish works that have an historical perspective, but we encourage submissions that take an interdisciplinary approach to an historical topic as well. ARCHIVE offers a great opportunity for students to share their work and original research. By publishing ARCHIVE, the Editorial Board wishes to encourage a collaborative learning community through the study of history.

Countdown to ARCHIVE 20: Part 8

sea lamprey lake trout
A sea lamprey feeding on a lake trout.

For our second article this week, we take a look at something a little different with a bit of eco-history in John A. Marino Jr’s The Sea Lamprey Invasion and the Decline of Lake Trout in Lake Michigan. Next week we’ll be back with more articles as we put the finishing touches on ARCHIVE 20!

The Sea Lamprey Invasion and the Decline of Lake Trout in Lake Michigan

Countdown to ARCHIVE 20: part 6

African Heads of state at Organization of African Unity conference, 1963

Things are progressing smoothly for us on the ARCHIVE editorial board, and we hope they are for you as well! Our sixth installment in this countdown to the new ARCHIVE takes us to Africa in Deborah C. Meiners’ Presidentialism in Post-Colonial Foreign Policy: Ghana, Nigeria, and the Congo, where she examines the rise of Presidentialism in newly free African nations and how it impacted relations with the rest of the world. Good stuff! We’ll be back next week with another couple articles to enjoy.

Presidentialism in Post-Colonial Foreign Policy

Countdown to ARCHIVE 20: part 5

mayan cross chiapas 2006 002
Mayan Cross in Chiapas, Mexico

Welcome to the second week of April! This is a big week for us, as we put the finishing touches on ARCHIVE 20 and prepare to send it for printing. With the fifth installment of our ongoing series revisiting ARCHIVE issues from the past, we are featuring Mark Matthew’s The Mayanization of Christianity, exploring the meeting of two very different cultures and religions. Check it out!

The Mayanization of Christianity


Countdown to ARCHIVE 20: part 4

web dubois color portrait
W.E.B. Du Bois, color portrait

Welcome back for our second installment this week, as we pick up speed heading towards publication. ARCHIVE volume 4 (surprise!) from November 2002 brings us today’s article, an interesting piece of post-war history in Christopher Swiggum’s W.E.B. Du Bois, Harry S. Truman, Civil Rights and Communism: Conflicting Views on the Relation Between African-American Rights and the Soviet Threat From 1946-1948. We’ll be back next week with more articles from the ARCHIVE vault!


WEB DuBois Harry S Truman Civil Rights and Communism

Countdown to Archive 20: part 3

ragamala painting by nasiruddin 1605.jpg
Asavari Ragini, Ragamala painting by Nasiruddin, 1605

Welcome to April, ARCHIVE enthusiasts! Issue 20 is now almost here, with just one brief month to go. In keeping with the pattern I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, we have a few more highlights from ARCHIVE past to share. Our first selection this week brings something a little different: a bit of art history in Casey Gardonio’s Problems and Theories in the Study of Indian Ragamala Painting.

Problems and Theories in the Study of Indian Ragamala Painting