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Volume 13, May 2010

PDF Version: Volume 13

In this Volume: 

  • The U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Extermination of the Southern Black Farmer, by Alec Luhn
  • The Secret War in Laos: A Revolutionary Way of War, by  Kazu Matsushima
  • The Spectacle of Rebellion: British Minor Theatres and the Pre-Revolution in France, by Amanda Detry
  • Citing Thanatology: An Ethical Response to the Medical Data of Nazi Doctors, by Brett Bernsteen
  • How Night Baseball Brightened America during the Great Depression, by Ryan Panzer
  • Waging a Propaganda War Against Iran: The American Effort to Oust Mohammad Mosaddeq, by Arthur Zarate

Volume 12, May 2009

2009 cover

In this Volume: 

  • The Crusading Cleric: An Examination of Fulcher of Chartres’ Chronicle of the First Crusade, by Andrew O’Connor
  • The Character of the South Vietnamese Village and the Vietnam War, by Kaitlyn Wortman
  • From Artifact to Art: The Commodification of African Art in African Art in Transit, by Daniel Rebbolz
  • World War II Voluntary Censorship: A Study of Local Wisconsin Newspapers, by Sarah Reis
  • Grape Expectations: The Grape Boycott and Southern Wisconsin, by Liv Augusta Anderson
  • The Barthian Attack on the Ne0-Rankean Paradigm, by Andrew Huenink

Volume 11, May 2008

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In this Volume:

  • Betrayal Within the Sons of Liberty: Dr. Benjamin Church, 1734-1776, by Matthew Costello
  • Myths of Power: The Politics of Punishment in the Roman Arena, by Taylor Anvid
  • The Evolution of a Heroine: The English Remaking of Charlotte Corday in News, Print and Literature, by Katherine Kaliszewski
  • Beyond Bretton Woods: Political Economy and American Diplomacy under Richard Nixon, by Justin King
  • Urban Renewal in Madison, Wisconsin: The Uprooting and Disenchantment of the Poor from 1950 to 1979, by Theodora Narus

Volume 10, May 2007

In this Volume:

  • The Rise of ‘Soviet’ Cinema, by Trevor C. Leverson
  • Defining ‘the Camp of Light and the Camp of Darkness’: Early Christian Attitudes Toward War, by Claire Allen
  • Picnic Point: An Environmental History, Aaron Groth
  • Lessons from the Secret War: Guerrillas, Bombs, and the CIA, by Rengyee Lee
  • The Economic Function of the ‘Holy Man’ in Byzantium 300 – 600 CE, by Trevor C. Leverson
  • Our Charles R.: Progressivist, Procorporationist, Conservationist: Charles R. Van Hise and “Problem of the Trusts” in the 1912 Election, by Tommy Greenfield

Volume 9, May 2006

2006 COVER

In this Volume: 

  • The Milwaukee Marcher: The Controversy of Father James Groppi, by Tom S. Sanders
  • Working Against Tradition: US/CIA Intervention in Chile, by Jacob E. Sunshine
  • “We are Soldiers”: War and Metaphor in Medieval Monastic Literature, by Claire Allen
  • Pier Pressure, by Joel Feingold
  • The Treblinka Revolt, by Marc Zemel
  • Sino-American Rapprochement and the Development of Tourism in China from 1970 to 1985, by Steren Von Horn

Volume 8, May 2005

may 2005 cover (1)

In this Volume:

  • The Failure of Small Breweries after World War II: Wisconsin Case Studies, by David Gerasimow
  • Confronting Agrarian Crisis: Historical Food Insecurity, the Indian State, and the Green Revolution, by Joseph A. Arena
  • Shestydesiatnyky: The Generation of the Sixties, by Shauna Fitzmahan
  • The Sea Lamprey Invasion and the Decline of Lake Trout in Lake Michigan, by John A. Marino Jr.
  • Violations of Freedom of the Press in Cuba: 1952-1969, by Kelsey Vidaillet

Volume 7,  May 2004

2004 COVER

In this Volume:

  • Charting Their Destiny: Wisconsin Dairymen and Agrarian Protest During the Great Depression, by Adam A. Cooke
  • Hayburn’s Case and the Constitution: Anticipations of Coordinate Branch Judicial Review, by Daniel T. Deacon
  • Twin Oaks Community: Women’s Liberation, Generational Divide, and the Evolution of Women’s Culture, by Erin Passehl
  • The Tragic Components of Chinese Communism as Analyzed through Max Weber’s “Politics as Vocation,” by Brian Kaufman
  • Sir Thomas More, Christian Humanism and Utopia, by Julia R. Nelson

Volume 6, May 2003

2003 cover (1)In this Volume:

  • In the Eye of the Storm: Conservative Struggles at the University of Wisconsin, 1956-1968, by Andrew J. Sheean
  • The Perception Gap: U.S.-Indian Relations and the Chinese Invasion of 1962, by Rajnath P. Laud
  • Edward Saloman and the Port Washington Draft Riot: CIvil War Politics Versus Gubernatorial Duty, by Theodore Storm
  • Damning the Man: SNCC, the Vietnam War, and the Radicalization of the Civil Rights Movement as an Expression of Disillusionment, by Mark J. Matthews
  • Presidentialism in Post-Colonial Foreign Policy: Ghana, Nigeria, and the Congo, by Deborah C. Meiners
  • Wisconsin Women in the Civil War: A Common Thread Through the Ordinary and the Extraordinary, by Ashlie Biersack

Volume 5, May 2002

may 2002 cover (1)

In this Volume:

  • Masterpieces of Revolutionary Martyrdom: “Le Peltier” and “Marat Assassine”, Art as Politics in the Painting of Jacques-Louis David, by Hunter Martin
  • Tom Hayden and the Climate of SDS, by John Michael Schell Jr.
  • The Experimental College: Remembering Alexander Meiklejohn and an Era of Ideas, by Erin Abler
  • South Vietnam 1966: War Within a War, by Stephen A. Miles
  • Liberty and Justice for a Few: The Political Thought of Madame de Stael, by Stephen Scala
  • Tom Wolfe: Statustician of the Sixties, by Eric Genrich
  • The Mayanization of Christianity, by Mark Mathews

Volume 4, November 2002

nov 2002 cover (1)In this Volume:

  • W.E.B. Du Bois, Harry S. Truman, Civil Rights and Communism: Conflicting Views on the Relation Between African-American Rights and the Soviet Threat From 1946-1948, by Christopher Swiggum
  • Two Routes to the Antarctic: Under the Ice with the Nautilus, Through the Air with the Graf Zeppelin, by Emily Wichman
  • A Curious Incident: Study of the Post Revolutionary Soviet Hyper-Inflation of 1919-1923, by Kurt Simatic
  • The Greco-Bactrian Mirage: Reconstructing a History of Hellenistic Bactria, by Kirk Rappe
  • American-Cuban Detente in the 1970s and its Collapse: Conflicts and Contradictions in American and Cuban Foreign Policy Blocking the Road to Normalization, by Christopher A. Swiggum
  • The Orange Order in the Wake of Dumcree: Parity of Esteem, Protest, and Propaganda in Northern Ireland, 1995-98, by Pamela Elbe

Volume 3, May 2000

In this Volume:BookScanCenter_9 (1)

  • Rousseau versus the Spirit of Doux Commerce, by Kavita Sharma
  • Fascism and Nationalist China: Interpretations and Alternatives, by Kurt Simatic
  • Ulysses S. Grant and the Great Ohio-Illinois War of 1862, by Russell Horton
  • Women Redefining their Roles during the French Revolution, by Kavita Sharma
  • Problems and Theories in the Study of Indian Ragamala Painting, by Casey Gardonio
  • The Klondike Gold Rush: Trends and the influence of Early Media Coverage, by Andrew Krueger
  • Prejudice Towards Jazz: White Views During the Jazz Movement, by Faran Shaker


Volume 2, May 1999

vol 2 cover.png

In this Volume: 

  • The English Woman’s Orient: Victorian Women Travelers’ Perceptions of Palestinian and Egyptian Arab Women, by Vicki Huss
  • An Experiment in Social Engineering: The Playground Movement in Urban America, 1890-1917, by Kristine E. Detert
  • Memory in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: The Photographic Effect, by William Nelson
  • A Model of Good Work: Uncovering the Immigrant Aid Contribution of the Council of Jewish Women, by Ingrid Natasha Drake
  • National Electric Light Association: The Selling of Economic Values in the 1920’s, by Mark Fleming
  • BOOK REVIEW — Kitchi-Gami: Wanderings around Lake Superior, by Anders Olson

Volume 1,  May 1998

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In this Volume: 

  • Our Lady and the Reds, by Brian Stevens
  • A Conflict of Ideals: Olympe de Gouges Critiques Jean-Jacques Rousseau, by Vicki Huss
  • Western Views of Russia during the Reign of Peter the Great, by Sarah Lynkiewicz
  • Nature, Science and the Solitary Vice, by William M. Nelson
  • Boosting and Belonging: The Shaping of Identity in Rural Newspapers, 1890-1910, by Shane Hamilton
  • A Historical Look at Ignatius Donnelly’s “Caesar’s Column”, by Mark Fleming
  • Migrant Subculture Travels Westward Home, by Rebecca Boice
  • Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: From Brodie On, by Shawn R. Hilman
  • BOOK REVIEW — The Last Tour: The Life and Death of Nicholas II, by Erik Kinnunen
  • BOOK REVIEW — The Dying Lion: Feudalism and Modernization in Ethiopia, by Anne Geraghty