ARCHIVE Vol. 17, 2014


PDF Version: Volume 17

In this volume:

  • Forged in Crisis: The Hardening of a Reluctant Union, by Louis Whitford
  • Chasing Tail: Mermaids as Emblems of Unfulfilled Desire in the Long Nineteenth Century, by Bronte Mansfield
  • Dilemmas of Global Health: Scientific Knowledge and the Politics of Malaria Control in East Africa, by Colin Higgins
  • Ginseng’s Wisconsin Roots: the Growth of an Industry, by Emily Nelson
  • Writing the Libyan Story: Qaddafi and the Construction of the Nation Through the Popular Revolution, by Jessie Steinhauer
  • Kimberly-Clark and the Village it Left Behind, by John Mader
  • “We’re Number One”: The Summit Series of 1972 and Canadian Identity, by Joe Fitzgibbon