ARCHIVE Vol. 16, 2013


PDF Version: Volume 16

In this volume:

  • A Noisy View: An Environmental History of Lapham Peak, by Brian Drout
  • “He Burned Alive, Like Heracles of Long Ago:” Noxii as Unwilling Actors, by Crescentia Stegner-Freitag
  • Ghosts in the Soil: Environmental History in the Joliet Army Ammunitions Plant, by David Meyerson
  • The Price of Technology: Coltan, Conflict, and the Democratic Republic of Congo, by Alexander R. Beck
  • Star Status: Selling Sexuality through Porn, by Maeve Heneghan
  • Whose History Is It Anyway?: Constructing a Multi-Faceted Perception of the American 1950s, by Alexandra E. Schmidt
  • Portrayals of Lincoln in Film: The Idea of a Secular Saint, by the ARCHIVE Editorial Board