ARCHIVE Vol. 19, 2016

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PDF Version: Volume 19

In this volume:

  • When My Brother Fell: Gay Men, Manhood, and HIV/AIDS, by Cody Dunn
  • The Starvation of a Nation: The Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 as a Soviet Engineered Genocide, by Jacob Loshkin
  • Enlightenment Through Solitude: The Age of Reason, Rousseau, and the Importance of Being Alone, by Sam Gee
  • Corporate Conservatism And Civic Engagement By General Electric In The Mid-20th Century: A Spark of Modern Social Responsibility?, by Kelsey Beuning
  • Women, Good People, and Bad People: Women in Early Shanghai Cinema, by Emma Wathen
  • Masculinity and Violence In The Weather Underground, by Liliana Silverman
  • Contested Discourse Of Neoliberal Trade In Chiapas, by Riley Sexton
  • The Female Who Forgot To Be Coy, by Brita Larson
  • Phoenix’s Ashes: The CIA, the Phoenix Program, and the Development of U.S. Coercive Interrogation Doctrine, by Dylan Rindo