ARCHIVE Vol. 15, 2012


PDF Version: Volume 15

In this volume:

  • “It is not a hospital, but a home they want”: Caring for the Chronically Insane in Nineteenth-Century Dane County, by Aubrey Lauersdorf
  • Over the Hill: John Riley and the St. Patrick’s Battalion in the Mexican-American War, by Conner Wild
  • Treasonous Martyrs: the Consequences of Minority Political Beliefs in the Cherokee Nation Prior to Removal, by Michelle Patten
  • Were Women at a Spiritual Disadvantage during the Crusades? by Liz Fried
  • The American Jewish Diaspora and the Burmese Indian Diaspora: a Tale of Shared Experience, 1850-1950, by Jason Pickart
  • Germany’s “Political Power Factor”: Tirpitz, the Second Navy Law, and the Genesis of an Anti- British Fleet, by Jeff Eversman